Here are some sites that have free spanking stories. Some have more then others, but all are free and are written by some very good authors. Most of them are about either a male and female, or two females. Have a good read!
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Do you know of other webpages that have a good selection of stories? Write to us so we can put up the link here for all to enjoy.

Spanking Stories

Scorpion's Mansion
Has a nice section of stories sent in by readers. A spooky place with lots of pictures too.

Don's Pages

More tales of the bare bottom nature.

The Castle Handyman
A older site that is not updated anymore, but has lots of good corporal punishment written by various authors.

Tree House
By Pablo and Mija. A great free webpage, with plenty of fun stuff.

Saint Francis School
School girls get spanked at this fictional school.

The Janitorium

A funny and interesting place to visit, with plenty of good stories and more.






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